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In the modern age with its emphasis on security and safety, a need has increasingly arisen for a safe and secure way to monitor cell phone traffic and usage. As our society turns more and more to sharing communications via electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets and pads and our communications rely increasingly on chat apps like Skype, Viber, Snapchat and WhatsApp what does the future hold for the security of our loved ones or business assets?

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Best cell phone monitoring software
Cell Phone Monitoring

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How Can I Monitor My Child’s Cell Phone Use?

One of the biggest problems facing parents in recent years is the fact that cell phone use has become so dominant. While, of course, providing a means to keep in touch with our children at all times has been a real benefit of modern smart phones, the same technology brings with it risks and dangers. Who is texting my child? Who is my child calling and what are they looking at online?  These are all very valid questions that most good parents will be asking as they weigh up the risks and benefits of allowing their child to have a cell phone (and with it, the ability to venture online almost at will). At we aim to bring you the answers to these questions and attempt to provide the best solutions.

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The New Dangers of Chat Apps

In this day and age, the online grooming techniques of predators are well known. They are even targeting our children through the various chat apps that have appeared on the markets in their droves. Every cell phone platform now has its preferred chat applications that our children are using, amongst the most popular ones being WhatsApp (owned by Facebook), Skype and Viber. Whether they’re using an Android, iPhone or Blackberry, all smart phones now have their favoured chat applications and children are using them in their millions. Any security system designed to monitor our children’s cell phones and ensure safe use of them must include the ability to scan these apps to ensure that they are not being abused, either by the child themselves or external malevolent influencers.

The recent problems of sexting and the hacking of Snapchat images (many nude) and accounts have also highlighted further dangers that our children can face in relation to online communications via their cellphones. This BBC article explains how half of the users of Snapchat are aged between 13-17 This is a worrying development indeed, not only that these accounts are obviously not secure, but that our children are being coerced, often via peer pressure, to get involved in producing such images in the first place.

Safe and Consistent Smartphone Monitoring

In order to combat these kinds of threats to our children’s well being, I’ve been looking around for the best cell phone monitoring software that I could find. I have a full review coming in the next week or so for this software product which I’ve concluded is probably the best on the market yet for monitoring and consistently tracking your child’s cell phone. The amount of features and built-in benefits, added to the company’s exemplary track-record, excellent customer service and value for money have steered me towards their solution in comparison to the other competition that is out there. If you cannot wait for the full review which I am working on right now please go to their site and take a look around – you won’t be disappointed:

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