About Phonewatcher

Since 2009, Phone Watcher’s staff grew up watching, reviewing and testing the plethora of phone monitoring equipment, apps and software being sold online and determined to make it our business to only review and promote the best-of-class solutions.

Phonewatcher have always strived to educate on the best up-to-date information on cell phone monitoring apps and software. We do not condone illegal use of this software and adhere to the fact that this technology is best used as an aid to monitoring children, old folks in our legal care (i.e. guardianship) and in some cases where business needs to keep a check on employees use of their phone on a work basis only and with the express permission of the user (signed Legal Waiver).

As smartphones, security and monitoring become more and more entwined in our lives, Phone Watcher will be there to report on developments and educate the public. We do not condone scams, misrepresentation or poor business practice and will call it out when we see it committed.

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